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... the Nature of Dorset page you are looking for no longer exists. After ten years the site in its old form has now been retired as my personal circumstances now mean I cannot maintain it and keep it to the standard I would want. However, I provide three alternative options for you below which may help you find an answer to what you are looking for.

Peter Orchard

August 2020


Alternative Options ...

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DORSET NATURE NEWS: Visit my Nature of Dorset website for:

  • News of nature sightings from across Dorset
  • Daily reposts from Christchurch and Poole Harbours and Portland Observatory
  • Articles from the local press and enthusiasts blog


MY NATURE NOTEBOOK: Although intended for my personal use you are welcome to visit my own website for :

  • Information about Dorset species I have seen and where I have seen them
  • Information about where I have been in Dorset and what I have seen saw there
  • Information about Dorset habitats and their wildlife


ENHANCED SEARCH : Google search focused on just a selection of Dorset wildlife websites:

  • Use keywords or a phrase to implement a Google Search
  • The search covers only selected Dorset conservation and nature based websites and blogs
  • Any page you select from the search results will open in a new window thus allowing you to return to your search results to access a further page

Make sure you use the ENHANCED GOOGLE box for your keywords or you will search just this site!