Carrion Crow at Lodmoor

Carrion Crow at Lodmoor

I love crows; intelligent and downright cheeky birds. This bird is one of a group that sit by the area of Lodmoor where the ducks are fed and quickly fly in to take any dropped food. In my own garden, where I have one of those rather ornate steel poles with various feeders hanging from several arms, they have learned to pick up the string upon which the coconuts filled with fat and seed hang, and carry the coconut along the arm of the pole and thread the string over the looped end so that it falls to the floor and they don't have to perform acrobatics to get at the food, they just walk up to it on the lawn. It's because of crows that my garden has so many hedgehogs in it, because they make so much mess with the fat in the coconuts that the hedgehogs come out at night and clear up.
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