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Elephant hawk-moth (caterpillar) at Radipole Lake

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Elephant hawk-moth (caterpillar) at Radipole Lake

This pic was taken in September 2012. This fantastic caterpillar seems to be quite common and I find them regularly in my garden where they feed on the hardy fucshias but I've yet to see an adult moth. The caterpoillar is large, almost 9 or perhaps 10cm long and about 15mm thick. The head of the caterpillar in this pic is quite thick and rounded but this is because I've made it pose for the camera and so it has inflated it's head to show off the eye spot in an effort to frighten me off. Normally, when the caterpillar is left undisturbed it goes almost to a point. Note the tell-tale hawk-moth caterpillar sign... the tail spike.

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