Little egret at River Stour, Blandford

Little egret at River Stour, Blandford

I had just retired and bourght my new camera and lenses and decided that I'd seeif I could get some pics of the otters at Blandford. 2 hours later I had no otter pics but had filled my memory card with pics of this beautiful little egret that was as daft as the otters were rumoured to be and fed on gudgeon as I watched from the bank, only 20 feet away. This pic shows the birds yellow feet rather well; he has been standing on one leg, whilst he uses the other to move the stones, mud and weed on the river bed, hoping to disturb a fish. This phot was taken just as he disturbed such a fish and he is in the process of leaping forward to catch it... he did. In the two hours I was there he caught over a dozen gudgeon, all about 3 inches long.
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