Isle of Portland

SSSI Name Isle of Portland
Interest Biological, Geological
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My Notes This SSSI comprises a significant amount of Portland that has not been developed including six sites that are now nature reserves.

These sites featured on the Nature of Dorset fall within this SSSI. Click the site name to find out more about it.

Sites featured on the Nature of Dorset within this SSSI designation (Click to view details) Headline
King Barrow Quarry Nature Reserve

A disused stone quarry providing a dramatic landscape, wonderful views and abundant nature interest.


Broadcroft Quarry Nature Reserve

 A disused quarry now a superb wildlife site managed by Butterfly Conservation Dorset.


Perryfields Nature Reserve

The smallest of Portland's redundant quarries now nature reserves but well worth a visit nonetheless.


Portland Bill

Amazing rugged beauty on a warm summers day and awesome in a gale - a must visit for everyone.


Church Ope Cove

A small secluded rocky beach on the sheltered eastern side of Portland and a nearby cliff ledge


Tout Quarry Nature Reserve

Lots of flowers and insects, fantastic views, an insight into the history of Portland stone extraction and a look at some sculptures!


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