Morden Bog and Hyde Heath

SSSI Name Morden Bog and Hyde Heath
Interest Biological
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My Notes This SSSI covers most of the heathland at the eastern end of Wareham Forest. These are mainly wet, boggy areas that escaped conifer plantation.

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Morden Bog National Nature Reserve

An extensive area of wet bog in Wareham Forest surrounded by dry heath and woodland.


Wareham Forest (Northport Heath)

Primarily Forestry Commission plantation but with various habitats including a large reed bed at the southern end of Decoy Heath. 


Wareham Forest (Woolsbarrow)

The site of an iron age settlement offering views across Wareham Forest and surrounded by various other habitat types


Wareham Forest (Lower Hyde Heath)

A circular walk around an extensive area of wet heath and bog in Wareham Forest


Wareham Forest (Great Ovens)

The information for this site was contributed by the late, and greatly missed, JOHN WRIGHT as part of the SANDFORD HERITAGE PROJECT year of nature recording.


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