Locations and Access

  • Directions: 

    Park at the large ASDA store on the edge of Poole town centre. Walk westwards towards the traffic lights on the main Dorchester Road and you will find the cycle path runs along the shore line from here.

    Access Points: 

    WARNING: I have not been able to test all of these co-ordinates, they are based on where I placed the markers so use with care!

    Name SatNav Coordinates
    ASDA car park 50° 43' 7.1976" N, 1° 59' 11.6232" W
    Location Map: 

    The blue pin mark the approximate centre of the reserve, the yellow pin(s) mark the approximate locations of parking places that enable you to access the reserve.

    Potential Hazards: 

    Any walk in the countryside is going to have its potential hazards but the primary aim of this function is to forewarn less able people of difficulties they may face although some may apply to other people as well.

    Hazard Commentsort descending Description
    Cyclists The main path is a cycleway as well as a footpath and some of the cyclists can pedal pretty quickly!

    Some reserves have cycle paths across them and whilst most cyclist are responsible and will give you warning as they approach it is not always the case so try to be aware of the riusk at all times. Children on bikes can be a problem as I know to my cost.

    Open Water This should really not be an issue if you keep to the paths

    Open lakes or reservoirs are often found on nature reserves and are, of course, a habitat that some species thrive on. Whilst not a real danger open ater can be ab attraction for youngsters and for dogs. Always keep dogs on a lead (as they should always be on a reserve anyway) and keep children under close supervision. 

    Nearby Sites: 

    These are sites near to the one you selected. Distances given are VERY approximate! Click any photograph to go to the full details of that site.

    • Approximate Distance: 1 mile approx

      A popular spot to take the children or dog for a run but provides access to the saltmarsh, a place for wintering wildfowl and waders 


    • Approximate Distance: 2 miles approx

      A fairly large pond set in the industrial and residential areas of Poole.


    • Approximate Distance: 3 miles

      An interesting area of mixed woodland with a stream and remnants of mineral extraction ponds.


    • Approximate Distance: 3 miles approx

      A large expanse of heathland, both wet and dry, on the western edge of Poole which is now part of the Great Heath project


    • Approximate Distance: 3 miles approx

      An area to the north of Poole of predominantly dry heath but with an excellent dragonfly pond


    • Approximate Distance: 4 miles approx

      A newly acquired DWT reserve at the top end of Poole Harbour. The tide was in the day I went which cut down my species list no end! 


    • Approximate Distance: 4 miles approx

      A narrow, wooded valley running from Branksome down to Poole Harbour.


    • Approximate Distance: 5 miles approx

      A fragment of the heath and shoreline that once dominanted the area but with a large lake left from gravel extraction.


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