Locations and Access

  • Directions: 

    Follow the signs to Portland and then follow the signs to the bill!

    Access Points: 

    WARNING: I have not been able to test all of these co-ordinates, they are based on where I placed the markers so use with care!

    Name SatNav Coordinates
    Portland Bill P&D Car Park 50° 30' 54.8496" N, 2° 27' 22.6908" W
    Location Map: 

    The blue pin mark the approximate centre of the reserve, the yellow pin(s) mark the approximate locations of parking places that enable you to access the reserve.

    Potential Hazards: 

    Any walk in the countryside is going to have its potential hazards but the primary aim of this function is to forewarn less able people of difficulties they may face although some may apply to other people as well.

    Hazard Commentsort descending Description
    No Significant Issues Although no made paths if you keep to the defined routes you should not encounter any hazards

    This reserve does not have any significant issues that I identified on my visit but conditions can always change so be prepared for all eventualities. 

    Cliff Edges The cliffs are very high here so, obviously, take care near the edges

    Coastal reserves may often have steep cliffs down to the sea. Keep children under close control in such places and adults should not venture too near the edge either. The Coastguard service is excellent but don't depend on them to get you out of trouble. It is amazing how many rescues are carried out each year along the Dorset coast. 

    Nearby Sites: 

    These are sites near to the one you selected. Distances given are VERY approximate! Click any photograph to go to the full details of that site.

    • Approximate Distance: 2 miles

      A small secluded rocky beach on the sheltered eastern side of Portland and a nearby cliff ledge


    • Approximate Distance: 2 miles approx

      The smallest of Portland's redundant quarries now nature reserves but well worth a visit nonetheless.


    • Approximate Distance: 3 miles

       A disused quarry now a superb wildlife site managed by Butterfly Conservation Dorset.


    • Approximate Distance: 4 miles approx

      Lots of flowers and insects, fantastic views, an insight into the history of Portland stone extraction and a look at some sculptures!


    • Approximate Distance: 5 miles approx

      A disused stone quarry providing a dramatic landscape, wonderful views and abundant nature interest.


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