Holes Bay

An important part of Poole Harbour and, in winter, supports large populations of wintering wildlfowl and waders. 


Holes Bay: hole in one

Site Details: 
Name of Location Holes Bay
Highlights Over-wintering birds
  • Some parking nearby
  • Charge for parking
  • No visitor facilities
OS Map Reference SZ007925
Aspect Detail
Manager Dorset Wildlife Trust
Geology Poole Basin
Hazards for the less able: 
Hazard Commentsort descending Description
Cyclists The main path is a cycleway as well as a footpath and some of the cyclists can pedal pretty quickly!

Some reserves have cycle paths across them and whilst most cyclist are responsible and will give you warning as they approach it is not always the case so try to be aware of the riusk at all times. Children on bikes can be a problem as I know to my cost.

Open Water This should really not be an issue if you keep to the paths

Open lakes or reservoirs are often found on nature reserves and are, of course, a habitat that some species thrive on. Whilst not a real danger open ater can be ab attraction for youngsters and for dogs. Always keep dogs on a lead (as they should always be on a reserve anyway) and keep children under close supervision. 

More site photos (see also link below): 

This map shows the location of the reserve (purple marker) and access points to the reserve (yellow markers). You can use the Google map controls to zoom in get a more detailed idea of where it is and where to park. If you click on a marker more information about directions,  sat nav co-ordinates and parking will display.

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