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Sites where this species can be found:

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These are the locations where this species has been recorded in organised survey work:

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Affpuddle Forest 06/06/2010 Several
Arne Nature Reserve 08/05/2011 Present
Ashley Wood Nature Reserve 23/08/2013 Nearby fields
Badbury Rings Hill Fort Dorset Butterfly Conservation website
Ballard Down 26/05/2013 Quite common
Bindon Hill 29/08/2013 Common
Bourne Valley Local Nature Reserve (Talbot Heath) 13/08/2013 Present
Broadcroft Quarry Nature Reserve 16/07/2013 Present
Carey 17/06/2014 Present
Cashmoor Down 19/08/2014 Numerous
Chaldon Herring 11/09/2010 Just the one today
Coneys Castle 01/07/2015 Present
Dancing Ledge 04/06/2013 On the grassy slopes
Durlston Country Park 17/05/2012 Several
Ferrybridge and Portland Causeway 05/06/2014 Common
Fontmell Down Nature Reserve 27/05/2012 Several
Hartland Moor National Nature Reserve 15/08/2008 Present
Haydon Hill Nature Reserve Recorded by others
Hethfelton Wood 03/09/2013 Present
Hod Hill Dorset Butterfly Conservation website
Hog Cliff National Nature Reserve 24/06/2014 Occasional
Holton Lee 10/05/2011 Several
Kilwood Coppice Nature Reserve 09/08/2016 Several
King Barrow Quarry Nature Reserve 05/05/2011 Several
Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve 24/06/2012 Present
Kinson Common Local Nature Reserve Friends of Kinson Common
Lankham Bottom Nature Reserve 24/06/2014 Frequent
Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve Recorded by others
Loscombe Nature Reserve Recorded by others
Melbury Down Dorset Butterfly Conservation website
Milldown Nature Reserve Recorded by others
Morden Bog National Nature Reserve 30/08/2010 Several
Portland Bill 05/05/2011 Several
Powerstock Common Nature Reserve 25/05/2011 Several
Purbeck Ridge (Corfe East Hill) 13/06/2017 Present
Purbeck Ridge (Ridgeway Hill and Steeple Hill) 19/08/2011 Several
Purbeck Ridge (West Hill and Knowle Hill) 22/05/2010 Present
Radipole Lake Nature Reserve 20/08/2013 Present
Sandford Heath National Nature Reserve 11/09/2014 Present
Slepe Heath 14/05/2017 Present
Sovell Down Nature Reserve 10/08/2012 Present
St Adhelms Head and Emmetts Hill 03/09/2013 Present
Stonebarrow Down and Golden Cap Dorset Butterfly Conservation website
Tadnoll Nature Reserve 13/05/2011 Present
Townsend Nature Reserve 20/06/2013 Present
Troublefield Nature Reserve 05/08/2014 Several
Tynham and Worbarrow Bay 27/08/2013 Present
Wareham Common 07/06/2011 Present
Wareham Forest (Carey Heath) 27/05/2011 Several
Wareham Forest (Lower Hyde Heath) 01/09/2011 Present
Winspit 27/06/2013 Present