Sites where this species can be found:

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These are the nature reserves and 'hot-spots' where this species can be seen.

Arne Nature Reserve 14/05/2008 Present
Ashley Wood Nature Reserve 10/05/2010 Present
Badbury Rings Hill Fort 27/03/2012 In flower
Ballard Down 26/05/2013 Present on the lower slopes
Batcombe Down Wild Flower Walks (see bibliography)
Black Hill Down SSSI Notification
Brooklands Farm Conservation Centre 25/05/2012 Present
Collyers Brook Nature Reserve 17/06/2015 Scarce
Drakenorth SSSI Notification
Duncliffe Wood 27/04/2011 Present
Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove 09/05/2010 Present
Durlston Country Park 17/05/2012 Frequent
Fontmell Down Nature Reserve 27/05/2012 Present
Giant Hill Dorset Butterfly Conservation website
Hartland Moor National Nature Reserve 16/05/2013 Present
Haydon Hill Nature Reserve 25/05/2012 Present
Hog Cliff National Nature Reserve SSSI Notification
Holway Woods Nature Reserve Recorded by others
Hooke Park Wood 22/04/2011 Present
Kilwood Coppice Nature Reserve 30/04/2015 Rare
Lyscombe and Highdon SSSI Notification
Middlebere Farm 15/04/2007 Present
Middlebere Heath 22/05/2016 Rare
Muckleford Chalk Pit 04/07/2013 Present
Osmington Mills 03/05/2016 Rare
Powerstock Common Nature Reserve 31/05/2016 Frequent
Ringmoor and Turnworth Down 12/05/2012 Present
South Poorton Nature Reserve Recorded by others
Sovell Down Nature Reserve Recorded by others
St Adhelms Head and Emmetts Hill 20/05/2007 Present
Stonehill Down Nature Reserve 18/05/2013 Common
Townsend Nature Reserve 24/05/2012 Common
Tynham and Worbarrow Bay 28/04/2007 Present
Whetly Meadows SSSI Notification

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