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Sites where this species can be found:

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These are the locations where this species has been recorded in organised survey work:

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Affpuddle Forest 12/04/2010 Present
Alners Gorse Nature Reserve See Butterfly Conservation website
Arne Nature Reserve 13/03/2014 Present
Bestwall Marsh and Swineham 04/09/2011 Present
Carey 31/05/2014 Present
Coombe Heath Nature Reserve 11/07/2011 Present
Creech Heath National Nature Reserve 02/08/2012 Present
Delph Wood 12/05/2016 Present
Durlston Country Park 15/03/2012 Present
Fifehead Wood Nature Reserve 16/07/2014 Present
Fontmell Down Nature Reserve 02/06/2011 Present
Higher Hyde Heath Nature Reserve 23/04/2010 Present
Holt Heath National Nature Reserve 03/08/2011 Present
Holton Lee 06/07/2011 Present
Holway Woods Nature Reserve 19/06/2012 Present
Jubilee Trail - Redbridge 21/04/2014 Present
Kilwood Coppice Nature Reserve 24/04/2014 Present
Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve 24/06/2012 Present
Kingston and Houns-tout Cliff 20/06/2010 Present
Kinson Common Local Nature Reserve 02/04/2013 Present
Longham Lakes 08/01/2013 Present
Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve Recorded by others
Melbury Park 15/04/2010 Present
Minterne Magna 29/03/2010 Present
Moreton Heath 21/07/2013 Present
Oakers Wood and Bog 02/05/2016 Present
Osmington Mills 03/05/2016 Present
Parley Common Nature Reserve 09/08/2013 Present
Ringmoor and Turnworth Down 28/08/2010 Present
Sharford Bridge 29/05/2016 Present
Stanpit Marsh Local Nature Reserve 15/01/2013 Present
Stephens Castle Local Nature Reserve 18/06/2013 Present
Stoborough Heath National Nature Reserve 25/07/2013 Present
Stokeford Heath 31/03/2013 Present
Tadnoll Nature Reserve 17/03/2011 Present
Thorncombe Wood and Duddle Heath 25/04/2011 Present
Townsend Nature Reserve 19/04/2010 Present
Trailway (Fiddleford) 16/03/2014 Present
Tynham and Worbarrow Bay 26/02/2012 Present
Upton Country Park 18/10/2012 Present
Wareham Common 31/07/2011 Present
Wareham Forest (Carey Heath) 15/08/2011 Present
Wareham Forest (Great Ovens) 24/01/2011 .
Wilkswood (Langton West Wood) 30/04/2013 Present
Worgret Heath 22/07/2013 Present