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Sites where this species can be found:

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These are the locations where this species has been recorded in organised survey work:

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Alners Gorse Nature Reserve See Butterfly Conservation website
Arne Nature Reserve 13/03/2014 Present
Badbury Rings Hill Fort 21/06/2016 Present
Bindon Hill 10/05/2017 Hunting overhead
Black Hill and Turnerspuddle 16/04/2013 Hunt along the ridge
Bonsley Common 10/04/2011 Present
Chaldon Herring 11/09/2010 One hunting along the hillside
Corfe Castle Common 14/06/2012 Hunting over the common
Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove 03/07/2013 Hunts along the cliffs
Durlston Country Park 06/09/2012 Present
East Stoke Fen Nature Reserve 20/06/2012 Hunting nearby
Fontmell Down Nature Reserve 09/08/2011 Hunting across the downs
Hambledon Hill National Nature Reserve 02/09/2010 Present
Hartland Moor National Nature Reserve 16/05/2013 Present
Haydon Hill Nature Reserve Recorded by others
Hengistbury Head Local Nature Reserve 18/09/2012 Present
Holmebridge 07/02/2009 Present
Kimmeridge Bay 20/10/2011 Present
King Barrow Quarry Nature Reserve 21/05/2010 Present
Kingston and Houns-tout Cliff 18/08/2013 Present
Lodmoor Nature Reserve 08/10/2013 Present
Longham Lakes 08/01/2013 Present
Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve Recorded by others
Middlebere Farm 05/09/2016 Present
Oakers Wood and Bog 14/07/2013 Present
Osmington Mills 03/05/2016 Present
Portland Bill 05/05/2011 Present
Purbeck Ridge (West Hill and Knowle Hill) 07/03/2010 Present
Ringstead Bay and Burning Cliff 28/07/2011 Present
Stoborough Heath National Nature Reserve 25/07/2013 Present
Swyre Head 23/07/2012 Present
Tadnoll Nature Reserve 11/08/2013 Present
Turbary Common Local Nature Reserve 02/04/2013 Present
Wareham Common 12/06/2014 Present
Wareham Forest (Great Ovens) 24/04/2011 .
Wareham Forest (Lower Hyde Heath) 06/03/2011 Present
West Bexington Nature Reserve and Cogden Beach 01/10/2013 Present
Wyke Down and Ackling Dyke 19/08/2014 Present