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  • Durlston Country Park

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    Biodiversity Chart: 

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    Vegetation Distribution: 

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    Habitat(s) Extent Comment
    W3: Mixed Woodland Minority There are small amounts of woodland remaining from its earlier heritage
    SM: Mixed Scrub Partial Look amongst the scrub for whitethroat and other nesting warblers
    GC: Calcareous Grassland Significant The open downs are the best place to see orchids and other flowers
    SH: Hedgerow Scrub Minority The field hedgerows are nesting habitat for several species of birds
    BA: Arable farmland Partial Once arable farmland are now rich flower meadows
    BP: Parks, arboreta & gardens Minority The now abandoned gardens around the castle have some interesting plants and trees
    BB: Buildings, bridges and walls Minority Purbeck stone walls are good for lichen, mosses and ferns
    CCH: Hard Coastal Cliffs Partial The steep cliffs are ideal for many nesting sea birds
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