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  • Fontmell Down Nature Reserve

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    Name of Location Fontmell Down Nature Reserve
    Highlights Butterflies, Chalk grassland flora, Orchids, Views
    • Limited parking on site
    • Parking can be difficult
    • No visitor facilities
    • Information display
    • No defined paths
    OS Map Reference ST887176
    Aspect Detail
    Geology Chalk
    Manager Dorset Wildlife Trust
    Area Northern Dorset
    Ten Top Species: 
    Species Scientific Name Status Record Date Interest Level
    Fragrant Orchid Gymnadenia conopsea SSSI Notification
    Dwarf Mouse-ear Cerastium pumilum Present 27/05/2012
    Early Gentian Gentianella anglica SSSI Notification
    Bastard Toadflax Thesium humifusum SSSI Notification
    Meadow Saxifrage Saxifraga granulata SSSI Notification
    Common Twayblade Neottia ovata Present 27/05/2012
    Adonis Blue Lysandra bellargus Several 09/08/2011
    Small Blue Cupido minimus Dorset Butterfly Conservation website
    Mother Shipton Callistege mi Dorset Butterfly Conservation website
    Greater Butterfly Orchid Platanthera chlorantha Present 27/05/2012

    This site is designated as an SSSI or is part of a larger SSSI. Here are the details:

    SSSI Name Fontmell and Melbury Downs
    Primary Photo

    This large site, comprising part of the edge of the chalk escarpment holds unimproved chalk grassland and scrub communities which are typical of north east Dorset and have high botanical and entomological interest.

    Interest Biological
    Status Now Featured on NoD
    My Notes Whilst this SSSI extends well beyond the bounds of the Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve at Fontmell Down the reserve itself is, undoubtedly, a major feature of it.

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