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Canford Heath

Canford Heath

Visiting Information: 
Location Map: 

The blue pin mark the approximate centre of the reserve, the yellow pin(s) mark the approximate locations of parking places that enable you to access the reserve.

Nearby Sites: 

These are sites near to the one you selected. Distances given are VERY approximate! Click any photograph to go to the full details of that site.

  • Approximate Distance: 1

    An area to the north of Poole of predominantly dry heath but with an excellent dragonfly pond


  • Approximate Distance: 1 mile

    An interesting area of mixed woodland with a stream and remnants of mineral extraction ponds.


  • Approximate Distance: 2 miles

    A fairly large pond set in the industrial and residential areas of Poole.


  • Approximate Distance: 3 miles

    A diverse selection of separate and varied habitats brought together under one banner.



  • Approximate Distance: 3 miles

    A large expanse of heathland, both wet and dry, on the western edge of Poole which is now part of the Great Heath project


  • Approximate Distance: 4 Miles

    An interesting urban nature reserve that is surprisingly home to Dartford warbler amongst other things.


  • Approximate Distance: 4 Miles

    A popular spot to take the children or dog for a run but provides access to the saltmarsh, a place for wintering wildfowl and waders