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Visiting Information: 
Location Map: 

The blue pin mark the approximate centre of the reserve, the yellow pin(s) mark the approximate locations of parking places that enable you to access the reserve.

Nearby Sites: 

These are sites near to the one you selected. Distances given are VERY approximate! Click any photograph to go to the full details of that site.

  • Approximate Distance: 0 miles

    A small secluded rocky beach on the sheltered eastern side of Portland and a nearby cliff ledge


  • Approximate Distance: 1 mile

     A disused quarry now a superb wildlife site managed by Butterfly Conservation Dorset.


  • Approximate Distance: 2 miles approx

    A disused stone quarry providing a dramatic landscape, wonderful views and abundant nature interest.


  • Approximate Distance: 2 miles approx

    Amazing rugged beauty on a warm summers day and awesome in a gale - a must visit for everyone.


  • Approximate Distance: 2 miles approx

    Lots of flowers and insects, fantastic views, an insight into the history of Portland stone extraction and a look at some sculptures!


  • Approximate Distance: 3 miles

    Grassland and scrub at the high end of Portland affording marvellous views of the Purbeck coast