Nature Reserves and Wild Places in Dorset

Find the nature reserves and wildlife hot-spots of Dorset by location, by name or by manager.

When I moved to Dorset in the summer of 2006 one of the first things I did, being an avid amateur wildlife enthusiast, was to search for as much information as I could about the nature reserves and other wildlife hot-spots of Dorset. Armed with a list of some 250 I started visiting them, taking some photographs and recording what I saw. The results are here for anyone with similar interests to view at their leisure. I believe this is the only place you will find so much information about so many fascinating places and it has all come about through my hobby of nature watching.


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Managers of Reserves

View the nature reserves and wild places managed by a particular organisation, authority or estate.

Map of Reserves

Map of Dorset with the nature reserves and hot-spots I have found marked on it

Reserves Index

Know the name of the place you are looking? Use the alphabetical index to find the information about it.


I have so far given you three optons to find places to visit or information about the places you have been:

  • Use the map if you are looking for places in a specific area of Dorset
  • Use the alphabetical index structure if you know the name of the place you want information about
  • Use the manager index to find all the reserves owned by or managed by a particular organisation - the Dorset Wildlife Trust for example

For each site in the database you will find:

  • A primary photograph
  • A short note about my reflections on the site
  • Additional photographs that for a 'virtual' tour
  • Where to find the site with satnav co-ordinates, a map and directions
  • Visitor facilities (if any) and a risk assessment for people with limited mobility
  • A summary of the habitat types and a selection of records of species that you ma find there
  • Links to other Internet sites with information about the site

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