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Bugdens Copse and Meadow Nature Reserves

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A remnant of ancient woodland in the middle of Verwood with good access for wheelchair uses.


Bugdens Copse and Meadow Nature Reserves: a part of the fayre wood

Post date: Friday, 10 October, 2014 - 18:27

If you follow my reviews you will know I am a bit cynical about nature reserves created in the midst of human development purely because the land was not suitable for building on. Such reserves usually have little natural benefit because of the pressures and disturbance from nearby housing. Well, Bugdens Copse and its neighbour, Bugdens Meadow, took me a bit by surprise! No dog mess to be seen, people walking along well defined paths leaving the bulk of the area untrampled, virtually no external noise from roads and local activities and quite a diverse flora.

It is not a large site, it being a tiny remnant of the ancient forest of Fayre Wood from which the local town of Verwood (that surrounds the copse) derives its name. However, because of its outstanding wildlife and conservation value, the copse and adjoining meadows are declared Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Bugden Meadow is managed by the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

As I say, it is not a large site and it does not take very long to walk round it but I spent a very pleasant hour there. If you want to visit and to make a day of it why not tie it in with a visit to nearby Dewlands Common and/or Stephens Castle?


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