Chalbury Hill

A disused quarry and an iron age hill fort - two for the price of one!



Chalbury Hill: Not for the feint hearted

Site Details: 
Name of Location Chalbury Hill
  • Limited parking on site
  • No visitor facilities
  • No defined paths
OS Map Reference SY693827
Aspect Detail
Geology Chalk
Manager Management Unknown
Manager Open Access
Habitat Quarry and Mineral Extraction
Designation Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
Hazards for the less able: 
Hazard Commentsort descending Description
Quarries As a disused quarry it has various issues associated with such a site

Although quarrying activities will have probably stopped before an area is designated a nature reserve the legacy of mineral extraction processes can leave a number of hazards. Always take care in old quarries, numerous traps exist from hidden hole to steep drops to loose surfaces, even abandoned mining equipment and buildings.

Loose Footings There is much losoe rock scree in places

Some reserves, often coastal ones, can have loose footings on shingle, sand, even rocks. Not only can this be hazzardous they can be very tiring to walk across and one can sometimes find one has walked too far! 

Rough Ground Whilst paths are clear they are not well made and are uneven in places

Nature reserves exist for the wildlife and plants that are found there and are not always visitor friendly, especially some smaller reserves. The ground on some reserves can be very rough going even when there are paths present and would not be passable by those who are less mobile.

More site photos (see also link below): 

This map shows the location of the reserve (purple marker) and access points to the reserve (yellow markers). You can use the Google map controls to zoom in get a more detailed idea of where it is and where to park. If you click on a marker more information about directions,  sat nav co-ordinates and parking will display.

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