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Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve

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Not just a nature reserve, it is the home of the Dorset Wildlife Trust Conservation Centre, with several damp grassy meadows with an abundance of flora and fauna.


Lorton Meadows: the Dorset Wildlife Trust Conservation Centre

Post date: Monday, 24 November, 2014 - 19:38

Lorton Meadows in not just a nature reserve, it is the home of the Dorset Wildlife Trust Conservation Centre. Much good work is done here, mainly with younger people and it has a full programme of events for families, especially during the school holidays. I chose a day when there was nothing in the programme and struck lucky! Not only was it a fine, warm afternoon but my car was the only one in the car park and, in two hours meandering around the meadows, I saw no one else. That suits me fine!

As the name implies, Lorton Meadows comprises several grassy meadows. These meadows can be quite wet after rain but quickly drain and become dry. The damp aspect ensures a range of rushes and sedges and damp favouring flowers such as corky-fruited water-dropwort and marsh thistle. There are dry grassland species as well including the quite rare grass vetchling.

To add to the interest the RSPB reserve at Lodmore is close by and Two-mile Copse runs adjacent to the reserve. These two other areas of natural interest inevitably leads to a degree of cross over of species between them all, especially birds.

One final comment. The new Weymouth relief road and the main railway line both run very close to this reserve. Whilst I will acknowledge that my hearing is not what it once was I heard virtually no noise from either of these and in no way did they spoil my enjoyment of this site. To cap a lovely afternoon, the views from the highest points on the reserve across Lodmore and out to Weymouth bay  are very pleasing. Would I recommend a visit to Lorton Meadows? I certainly would, especially on one of its quiet days. 


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