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West Bexington Nature Reserve and Cogden Beach

A large shingle beach to one side with reed bed and damp pasture behind


West Bexington and Cogden Beach: a dose of the shingles

Post date: Tuesday, 23 December, 2014 - 11:08

The Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve at West Bexington, as far as I am aware, is mainly a large area of reed bed behind the high shingle beach and is primarily of interest for nesting birds that specialise in such a habitat. However, there is much,much more to the area than that and so I have included the shingle beach and the south coast footpath that runs through rough pastures behind the beach in my notes and in my records.

Frankly, the shingle beech on the side sheltered from the sea is amazing! It is hard to understand quite how so many flowers can take root and survive in what, on the surface anyway, appears to be just stones! Sea campion, sea kale, common mallow, thrift, and so many others are a real picture and worth the visit let alone the birds that are thrown in to add a bit extra. 

There is a choice of access. You can park in the coucil car park at West Bexington (£3.50 for three hours) or in the much smaller National Trust car park at Cogden Beach. However, in summer access can be difficult being popular as a beach. Other times of year then during the week is usually OK but weekends can still be difficult, especially when one of the frequent sea fishing events is taking place. Walking along the shingle can be hard work too so be prepared!

A cracking reed bed and lake with some interesting sea shore plants, especially shingle ones makes West Bexington well worth a visit. I wish it was closer to home, I would be there more often if it was.



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