Adonis Blue

A brilliantly coloured blue butterfly, rare in the United Kingdom as a whole but quite common in parts of Dorset.


When you see so many Adonis blue (Lysandra bellargus) out on the Dorset cliffs and downs it is hard to believe this is a nationally rare species as it is right on the northern edge of its range here in Britain. At times during the year here they are more numerous than the common blue.

When we first moved to Dorset in 2006 I was worried that I would not be able to tell the difference between the Adonis and common blues. Actually, once you have seen the brilliant blue of the Adonis you will not mistake the species thereafter. I don't think the camera really does the colour justice. I have taken many photos of the Adonis blue and none really seem to truly reflect the stunning colour. What this photo does show however, is that on the Adonis the black veins in the wing run through the white edge, the only blue that this occurs on. The Adonis is also larger than the common blue.

There are two broods each year, one in the spring, usually May and another in August. There is masses of horseshoe vetch on the cliffs here and as that is the sole food plant of the Adonis larvae so where there is horseshoe vetch you may find the Adonis blue.

Adonis was the beautiful man in Greek mythology loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone


Common Name Adonis Blue
Scientific Name Lysandra bellargus
Interest Level
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