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Banded Agrion

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A striking and quite common species of larger, slower moving rivers and canals. 

Photograph by: 
Peter Orchard

Banded Agrion: a splendid damselfly

Post date: Saturday, 28 June, 2014 - 00:00

In general, it seems, people do not like insects much preferring birds and mammals but there are some stunningly beautiful insects and the banded agrion (Calopteryx splendens) damselfy has to be up there amongst the best. Well, it is in my book anyway and is certainly in my top ten beautiful insects in Britain and I never tire of watching them

The banded agrion can be told from its close cousin, the beautiful demoiselle, by the dark bands on the wings but otherwise both have this wonderful metallic green/blue colouring which is just amazing in sunlight. This makes it a very conspicuous species and you can hardly miss it when it flies. The female is quite different to the male and can be mistaken for other species and is often thought to be the emerald damselfly.

The banded agrion is a much larger insect than most other damselflies. It is a species of larger, slower moving rivers and canals and can be seen along most of chalk rivers in Dorset; certainly on the Stour, Avon and Frome. It is not fond of the still water of lakes and ponds. Flying from May until September this is quite a common insect in terms of distribution although common is not a word to describe its stunning appearance. 


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Common Name Banded Agrion
Alternative Name(s) Banded Demoiselle
Scientific Name Calopteryx splendens
Interest Level
Species Family Damselflies
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