Bulbous Rush

A common but rather non-descript rush of damp places, often on footpaths.



Bulbous rush (Juncus bulbosus) presents me with something of a problem! I cannot find anything interesting to say about it!

It is a small plant, it has multiple stems coming from a central root bulb and has small crusty flowers! It can be quite variable but generally the stems are brownish red with some green apparent. It is, though, a rather dull, insignificant plant!

It is common and grows in both damp and wet conditions but I most frequently encounter on exposed, muddy ground on heathland paths where it seems to tolerate people's footsteps with not trouble at all. It can also be found in pools and  bogs - it just needs to be wet!

That is about it ... I can find no interesting fact or fiction to add!


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Common Name Bulbous Rush
Scientific Name Juncus bulbosus
Interest Level
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This species is often found in these habitats:

Habitat(s) Relationship
H3: Wet Heath Associated
Name of species Bulbous Rush
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