Common Carder Bee

One of the most common species of bumble-bee


The common carder bee (Bombus pascuorum) is the most common carder bee. Unlike a rolling stone it collects moss! it uses this to cover its nest, hence the term carder or gatherer. Nests can be quite large with over a hundred workers.

This bee is almost totally ginger brown but it has dark hairs on the abdomen which distinguish it from similar, but rarer, species.

This is a very common bee in gardens, especially in mid summer, on a wide range of flowers but it favours pea-type and nettle type flowers as well as being very fond of foxgloves. It is a widespread species, occurring in all sorts of habitat and is often found in woodlands.


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Common Name Common Carder Bee
Scientific Name Bombus pascuorum
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Name of species Common Carder Bee
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