Crane Fly (L nubeculosa)

A crane-fly with folded back wings hiding a small, slender body and long legs - found mainly in woodland 


One tends to think of crane-flies as resting with their wings open and at right-angles to the body and this is, indeed, a typical trait of the larger crane-flies of the common Tipulidae family. However, there are several crane-flies where this is not the case as you can see from this species, Limonia nubeculosa, Those folded back wings hide a small, slender body and long legs and they can look a bit like a large mosquitoe! These are, though, quite harmless.

Mainly a woodland species, they can be found at any time of year but less so in winter of course. The larvae feed on rotting leaf litter, fungi and so on and are an integral part of the woodland recycling system.



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Common Name Crane Fly (L nubeculosa)
Scientific Name Limonia nubeculosa
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Name of species Crane Fly (L nubeculosa)
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